Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas Party!

So tonight i had the christmas party with some friends from my worship team. I've been playing bass and co-leading with these guys for about 10 years. I forgot my stinking camera so i'll just have to tell you who was there... Rick and Vange (who came to italy with me)... Barry and Zena (Zena came to italy too) Paul and Alison...and Elmer and Ricka

Zena, Vange, Paul and Elmer are the ones who sing.

We had a great time, paul made these awesome ribs, and the others brought potato dishes and salads and stuff. It was really good.

We played this game where we had to guess who had done what, who wanted to do what, who is afraid of... and one thing i want to do yet... i think that was all of them. Anyways - Zena had put all of our answers (which we had submitted earlier) onto a DVD too music and as it played we had to guess. Turned out to be quite fun - there was some serious ones too and turned out to be a bit of a vulnerable game at times as well! But i guess you're safe with friends...

Anyways, the photo in todays post is actually a small version of a gift that i gave to the four couples who were there tonight. its my Rome series, or something like that. I gave each of them an 11X14 print that was framed in this clip frame. I think they liked it, i was excited to give something - these guys mean a lot to me.

Anyways, i should probably get to bed. Just wanted to share with you about my night.




Anonymous said...

YEAH WE LIKED THEM!!!What a thoughtful and generous thing to do. Thanks again, not only for the art, but for being such a great person, navigator and friend:)! We love you! - Rick & Vange

Aimee said...

Thanks for the blog action Steven. Now when I check daily there is something great to read! Your evening sounds like fun. Those are some great people you have gotten to know over the years.


Anonymous said...

Got a frame and it's up on the wall! Love looking at it, you did a great job with the photos, brings back the good memories. Wonder where we'll tour next ;-)
Enjoyed the evening too and appreciate you!

Melanie said...

Please keep blogging Steve(n)!