Thursday, July 20, 2006

so i had to drive home by myself today, and i got stuck in traffic in seattle, and i had to pee, but i knew that if i got off, it would take forever to get back on, so i held it. this is a picture before i went in. holy was that ever brutal!!


r&v said...

i like how your knees are pinched...says almost as much as your grimace -V

Kathy said...

So - I was told never drive with a full bladder - if you're in an accident - it can burst - and I don't mean in the usual manner we think of. This told to me by a woman whose did. She thought she'd just rush home from the mall. Messy bit - sewing bladders together. See, this is what happens when mom comments - you might get a mom comment ;P

Love ya - you look desperate in the photo.


Anonymous said...

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