Monday, September 11, 2006

soo many babies. My family is growing faster than i every would've imagined. here is my sister aimee and her too little babes - Elijah and Eva. I'm not sure who is who in this picture. I like to think that it's Eva who is crying and screaming (cause thats what girls do) and Elijah is just sleepin - chillin and relaxin, cause thats how we roll. holla.


Kathy said...

In this picture Elijah is sleeping. You can tell by the lips :) He chills - but he yells too and his little head turns red like a tomato - tummy trouble - otherwise he's a really cheerful sort. Eva is also cheery - but more sensitive so far.

e & r said...

chillin and relaxin??...You??? is that why the cats hide whenever you come over?.....i don't think so!