Monday, July 09, 2007

2 posts in one day.

Ok Viv, you wanted a picture of Lorenzo and Behn, well here is the series.
This photo was taken during roll call, not even 10 minutes after camp started. Lorenzo and his friend Luca just refuse to pay attention, they also only participate in events that they select as 'good enough'
This picture is taken during games time, maybe 30 minutes after roll call, Lorenzo and Luca are in trouble again - running away from the rest of the group - behn chases.
Here is a bit of a nicer moment. Luca and Behn on the way to wide games (later in the day).
Fierce Faces before wide games. I must say, i definitely win this one.

Here are courtney and her friend Ilaria. She speaks english quite well so courtney and her have become good friends. In this picture Ilaria is showing courtney the italian lyrics to a kids song and translating them into english for her.
In florence courtney and i bought matching shoes made in Italy. they are called Superga Shoes. Mine are green and courts are black.

Bye for now!



viv said...

Hey Steve !! Thanks for the photos!!! - so, is Lorenzo the one in the brown pants or the shorts :) SOOOO very glad your camera is working well again - thank God for small miracles.

Carol Dinheen said...

So glad that you got your camera fixed. I enjoy seeing you guys playing with the kids and the beautiful pictures of Italy. Almost as pretty as New Jersey! (LOL) God is good.

Carol Dineen

r&v said...

Auntie Vange says - that Behn is SO good-looking! Love you, Behn!

Behn said...

lorenzo is the one on my shoulders...with the brown u to guys :P

viv said...

thanks behnnie! looks like you are having a great time! miss you - love you!! mom :*