Friday, July 06, 2007

Day 3 and some news

Things have been going quite good here! Sorry i haven't posted. Yesterday we went out for pizza and i was unable post. The other night we had a huge storm in town and when we got back to our place we saw this just beyond our mountain - just at the edge of the storm clouds.

One of the wide games we play with the kids is 'canadian squish' where the kids have to run across the field and we try to pick them up. If we get their feet of the ground, they then have to stay and catch the remaining kids with us
Here's robby picking up another leader, Bogden, I love this picture simply because it shows that robbie is clearly as strong as an ox.
Ok ok ok Viv, so ben isn't that much of a slouch, but he sure does smell. here he is running hard during canadian squish.
Bogden playing one of the campers like a "Chitarre"
Italy through Phil's "Eyes"
We've been employing small italians as slaves - getting them to carry gear. In the above picture, robbie was trying to help out Jacapo but he wouldn't let him!

Kevins first bite of italian pizza
The first smile after a first bite of italian pizza
The pizza that john is eating here is called "America" it has hotdogs and french fries on it

After pizza we went out to the town center and took a few shots and walked around

We found this little GPS unit in our rental van. it actually is really effective and helps us to get around. Quite a step up from the ol' map eh Rick?!
So, if i don't post many pictures in the next few days, its because i'm frustrated. if you look at this picture you can see tons of little black dots, these aren't flies or fragments in the air, they are in fact pieces of dust on my CCD (the part of a digital camera that would be equivalent to the film in a film camera).

Needless to say it needs to be cleaned and quick.



Carol Dinheen said...

Hello from New Jersey!! I am Ricks, Fudds, and Courtneys buddy
from the east coast. Love your pictures and what you guys are doing for the Lord. Please send more pictures and say hello to my buddies. Thanks, Carol Dineen

r&v said...

Get that camera cleaned QUICK! We don't want to miss a day of pictures. Great shots, as always...nice to see everyone (tell Ben to go the Punto & buy better deoderant).
Was that pizza place the one we went to in the park? That was the best pizza EVER!
So, the mosquitoes here are REALLY bad this year & last night I went digging in the cupboards for mosquito repellant. I found some, but the instructions are all in italian - good memories!
Love to all,

steven said...

ITS FIXED! more on this later. sk.

Z said...

Yeah!!!! keep em comin'!

viv said...

more excelent photos ! thanks Steve! some of my favorites, of course, first off.. anything with Behn in it! (yes I am partial:)thats what mothers do...) Also, Phil with the matching floor shirt.LOL If you are taking requests, any chance of getting a photo with Behn and Lorenzo - it would be nice to have a name to the face of the little one I am sending up extra prayers for -thanks !!

viv - again! said...

ooops !! of course you know i meant to say face to the name... right????

Kathy said...

GREAT pictures Steve!! Dad and I are lovin following the adventure from your blog. Robbie - my goodness! The sky shots are amazing as are the action shots - well all great - as usual. God Bless.

the parents
Check Aimee's blog!!

r&v said...

That GPS couldn't be as much fun as "Steve the Map Wizard" telling me where to go!

Z said...

Hey Big Guy, it's time to give us an update. Heard some news this morning and want to know that everyone is ok!!!!! Missed you guys this morning too, it was teary.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve - awesome photography, especially the storm clouds!! I'm glad I was told to check your blog. Keep up the great reporting. Ya, we missed you guys this morning, and yes, it was a very teary morning.
Kathi Klassen