Friday, July 13, 2007

last day of camp

Well its lunch time on the last day of camp. It's going to be a quick lunch because we're having a slideshow for the kids of camp pictures from our two weeks here.One thing we've been noticing here is that they have alot of unique signs. We've been slowing down and taking pictures whenever we see unique ones. i've seen at least 3 different signs for a school zone. this one is my favourite - i love how the kid is sooo excited to go to school that she is pulling her dad across the street - italian elementary school must be quite something! When i return home i'll try to do a big post with all the different signs we've taken pictures of along with the descriptions we made up for them.
Last night we went to a pizza place in Faenza where a good friend of Phil and I lives. His name is Mario, he helped out a lot 2 years ago and his daughter Antonia is one of our translators for this week. In a few weeks she's actually moving to abbotsford to live with the kaspers. It's great that the team gets to know her here - she'll have lots of friends at home now!

I like this picture because phil seems like he wants to eat his pizza so bad but finn stole his fork so he could eat it and becky is also feeding finn some other food. phil is definately getting the shaft.

Ricka got a little fruity cake with a candle on it for her birthday. too bad it wasn't chocolate. we'll have to all go out for some good chocolate icecream when we get home i guess.after dinner we went to a fruitteria - a place that you just order fruit from. it was pretty amazing really - people were ordering just wahtever kind of fruit they wanted - even huge platters of fruit.

a bunch of us just got this slurpee's. In italian they're called "Granite" - menta, limone, or a fruit punch with mostly cherry. sooo good!!Thats pretty much it - pray that we find courtneys kick pedal so it doesn't feel like she's drumming with someone else's underwear. i probably won't post until we get back. but if i do then i do.

i'm only just starting to miss home today. love you mom and dad! see you on monday.



r&v said...

safe trip home...see you monday.
we're off to Victoria for the weekend,

viv said...

thanks for keeping us all posted Steve!
see you all soon :)

Kathy said...

Didn't have very good internet connections the last couple days so I just caught up now on the last two posts. Love you too. Looking forward to seeing you Monday! Nice watch - happy one year. Happy B-day Ricka. Thanks Steve for the great pictures and posts.