Thursday, January 31, 2008

Drive Times

Hey everybody. It's 3:17am and we just checked into our hotel in Jacksonville , Fl. Northern florida. We've spent probably about 6 or 7 hours in the car today in addition to playing 4 concerts. The first concert we played this morning was my favourite concert yet. Kindergarten to grade 4 or so. They were so responsive and just had a blast! they were all calling my name when they would run into me later in the day. Today we played at a school called DADE christian academy and we saw the world record for world vision sponsorship get broken. The old record was 162 at a school in minnesota. DADE in miami broke the record and got 6 more sponsors to achieve 168 sponsors at one event. Wow. it was crazy.

Anyways, we're up at 6 am tomorrow but i didn't want to leave you without some photos. Here are two maps with all of our driving mapped out. Today we're in the middle of a 3 day push with approximately 30-35 hours of driving to do within those 3-4 days. The top map is the florida tour overview (north to south) and the bottom map shows only our souther stops.

I'm pooped. goodnight all!


e & r said...

how many miles from jacksonville to miami? Key west should be a blast! hope it's still on the tour.

steven said...

not sure, its a 5/6 hour drive from north miami,

maybe 380-400 miles.

Kathy said...

Lotta driving. How do you get across the water? Ferry? A super bridge?