Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jamaican Honeymoon

Here are a few shots from our honeymoon so far. We are saying at Sandals Negril, in Negril Jamaica. It's just perfect here
This is a photo from a steel band orchestra that we saw on our first night during dinner. Most nights there is live music in this restaurant.

A Picture from the Beachside Grill - serving up bacon cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, and chicken quesadillas to courtney and steve everyday for lunch :D

The main pool and simup bar
Courtney on the patio through the curtains
Steve on the patio with a little of courtneys artwork on my back

The weather is quite odd here. This was taken off of our balcony - it was not doctored with for colour or contrast - weird eh? Sometimes for about an hour a day it will get a little odd out like this.

Thats it for now!



Aimee said...

great photos steve. Glad you're having a wonderful time. See you later. love aimee

Z said...

hey dude, I think you may have been to that 'simup' bar a few too many times already...

Kathy said...

Dramatic weather.